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The start of a long journey (cont.)

Every day, I go through life wondering about the people that I've met, wondering why there are some people who are horrible to disabilities.  The honest answer is that they are ignorant and can't be bothered to learn about the disability. I met one person, who literally said that he didn't like disabled people to my face. After he said that, I went home and ignored him.  People who don't want to learn, they are missing what great people there are in the world. We live in a multi-cultural world, where everyone is different, whether it is being disabled in some way or another, being a different race, from a different country, we are all different and we should learn about the person and what makes them tick. When you meet someone who has Developmental Language Disorder (aka, DLD), you need to follow some guidelines on how to interact with them. Here's ten: Don't interrupt them .  If you interrupt them because they're speaking too slowly, or not answer
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The start of a long journey (cont..)

Welcome back. So, you made it this far, I guess you would like to learn more about my life and this disability?  Well, you're in the right place. Developmental Language Disorder can affect me in many ways; by speaking as you'll find out if you watch my YouTube Channel ; by socializing: this is the biggest problem people with DLD face.  If we meet someone new, it is never guaranteed that they will like people with disabilities, and if they do, they will usually disagree that we are really disabled.  The following, is a story which is coincidentally is in my book, about how I feel, and probably how most of my peers feel but I am not saying that for definite as we are all different, when meeting a new person: You meet someone and start chatting to them; they look at you  strangely as if to say, ‘Wtf you’re saying?’ And you realise that your  words are coming out all mixed up. You try to slow your brain  out, but a whole paragraph has been sent.    You feel the sweat start to

The start of a long journey

So, what am I doing here? Why am I here? Well, I thought that I should start 'blogging' to show you what I have and how I can cope with it. So, bare with me, and I'll try to get my head around all of this. So, what do I have?  I have a disability called Developmental Language Disorder ( DLD ), which is a very common, but hidden disability.  Recent research showed that every two children in a class of thirty will have DLD.  Have you ever seen someone with a stroke?  Well, that is me, but I had the stroke in the womb. Throughout my life until I was 16, I had virtually non-stop Speech and Language Therapy  ( SLT ). When I was little, my Mother realized that I had DLD and thank to her Mother who was a speech therapist, I managed to get speech therapy.  This continued all the way until I started at Dawn House School.  This school was unlike any other school that you know, it was a school for children with DLD.  But you probably would had connected up the dots as this bl